HYDROPOT BY REBCO Hydropot™ ONE is perfect indoors and outdoors, runs on 12v AC or can even run on a solar panel*.
    (*sold separately)


    HYDROPOT BY REBCO Hydropot™ is perfect for retail spaces, Hospitals, Gov't. locations. Uses up to 75% less water.


    HYDROPOT BY REBCO So efficent it can grow anything...anywhere. The world's only self-contained hydroponic/aquaponic* system.
    (*aquaponic option sold separately)

Introducing the most revolutionary grow system in the world,
The Hydropot™ ONE!

The world’s only self-contained, low-energy, growing system that feeds your plant nutrients while re-oxygenating the water. The Hydropot™ ONE uses so little power you can even use it with a small solar panel. And when the sun goes away you can still continue growing hydroponically with a 12 volt battery if you desire.


Hydropot™ technology:

  • takes 1/10th less water
  • grows twice as fast (findings based on 2 years growing studies)
  • reuses and re-oxygenates the water; for reuse over-and-over
  • can never overwater your plants
  • can run automatically* (*with optional timer systems)
  • needs no fertilizers
  • won’t get weeds or other pathogens
  • fully portable and self-contained
  • uses up to 70% less water than older conventional systems or pots
  • is low-energy use and can be run from a solar panel* (*sold separately)

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HYDROPOT™ Yucca & Money Tree 16-day time-lapse video
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